Brokerage Fees are an Investment in Your Business!
Like everything else in your business, brokerage fees are an investment.  If you get a great return on an investment, the investment is worth it.  If you get little value, even a discount office can be too expensive.
At RE/MAX Center, our fees are transparent.  Our fee structure was developed for the Full Time Professional.   We don't hold licenses for part-time agents.  We work hard to provide the support needed for a the full-time professional agent to ensure they meet their business goals.  
For the services you receive at RE/MAX Center, the value is easy to see.
  1. +

    Plan 1
    + $750 per Month includes MLS & E&O Insurances Earn 95% on all transactions!
  2. +

    Plan 2
    + $375 per Month includes MLS & E&O Insurances + $500 Transaction Fee for first 12 transactions annually Earn 95% on all Transactions!
  3. +

    Plan 3
    + $75 per Month includes MLS & E&O Insurances Earn 70% on each transaction up to GCI of $50,000 Once over $50,000 GCI, earn 95% on all transactions!
  4. +

    Leasing Services Option
    Is Property Management a Part of Your Business? Online property management access, Tenant, Landlord, and Vendor Payment Processing included. Only $15 per property each month
**Must meet minimum production sale volume of $1.5 Million in previous 12 Months. Plan automatically converts to Plan 2 if $1.5 Million standard is not met each year.
How are our agents able to be so much more productive?  Our proven systems in combination with our Complete Agent Sales System help our agents focus on the right acitivities so they Earn More, Learn More and Have More!
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