"I felt like I was a pinball at my other brokerage, I would ask a question only to be routed to someone else that didn’t seem to know the answer and in turn they would have me go find someone else.  I had never interviewed with another brokerage and was unsure what made us all different..  As my frustrations and my desire to get some helium in my balloon grew (see what I did there), I decided to see what other options were available.  My marketplace was in Norcross (40 mins from my home), meetings were EVERY Tuesday with the same information; rah-rah-rah, now go sell!  But wait… how!?!?  (Crickets chirping!!!)  The complexity of the software was as challenging as solving a rubix cube with only one hand.  I had a co-op with Dori Glawson at RE/MAX Center and although our deal never came together, I received a letter thanking me for my efforts.  I saw the address being fairly close to my home and pursued a meeting with Don and Pat.  The meeting went great, RE/MAX Center seemed to be a good fit for my goals but only after making that decision did I understand it to be a perfect fit!  Holly Fogel is very informative, and always available to help. The systems are terrific and very user friendly!  We have enough meetings to be informative and helpful but don’t interfere with your business.  I feel if I had started with RE/MAX Center when I first got my license I would be a rockstar by now, my only regret is not joining RE/MAX Center  sooner!  Great reputation, no cool aid, just hard work, guidance, and great results!"

Scott Sherard